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SynPhony Basic GPC Assessment Page

This page is useful for doing a quick reading assessment for a student. The results identify which letters the students knows well and can be used to seed the SynPhony activity pages so that the letters which the student knows are already selected.

Instructions for use

  1. Make a printed copy of this page and give it to the student.
  2. Log the student in. The log in area is at the top right hand of the screen. Click on the Login text and enter the student's name (no spaces, punctuation, or enter key). Click on the “Login” button when done.
  3. Have the student read the words. If the word is read correctly, click the green check mark beside the word. If a portion of the word is read incorrectly, click on the letter (or letters) which were mispronounced. It may be helpful to record the student's reading so that the assessment can be reviewed or done at a later time.
  4. When the assessment is done, click on the “Store Results” button.

Note: You can only save the results if you have logged in with a name. The results currently get saved only on the computer where the assessment has taken place in the form of “cookies”. The cookie is read by the activity pages and is used to determine which lesson to start with. If the student will use a computer for the activity pages then this assessment should be run on the student's computer.

correct wrong

Basic Reading Assessment

Single letters

correctsad correctnet correctlip
correctrod correctbug correctman
correctfox correctcup correcthot
correctskin correctwig correctjam
correctzap correctyes correctvex

Digraphs and r-vowels

correctfeet correctrain correctroof
correctship correctchat correctjar
correctcoal correcthorn correctsing
correctshout correctthin correctwood
correctboil correctqueen correctherd
correctpie correctthen