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Research Reports involving Synthetic Phonics

7-year longitudinal study done in Scotland on the effects of teaching synthetic phonics

Achieving The Vision, by Tommy McKay. Phase 2 This document details the amazing accomplishments that have been achieved in Scotland. The report covers a 10 year literacy initiative where they managed to eliminate illiteracy in an entire school district. This is a must read document for all school administrators who are interested in how they accomplished it.


Synthetic Phonics in the news

BBC—Why our kids can't reed or rite. 24 Feb, 2010

Guardian—Rebus creator turns government inspector. 24 June 2008

BBC—Scotland slips in reading league . 28 Nov. 2007

Guardian—Scottish breakthrough in ending pupil illiteracy. 21 November 2007

BBC—Council claims illiteracy 'first'. 2 July, 2007

BBC—The education year in Scotland. 27 Dec. 2006

Guardian—Scottish council 'on the brink of eradicating illiteracy'. 24 March 2006

BBC—Spelling out success in reading. 3 June 2005

BBC— Sound advice on literacy scheme. 28 Oct. 2004

BBC—C-a-t spells success in early literacy. 25 Feb. 1999


Some links to sites with valuable materials on learning to read

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Society for Quality Education - Canadian organization

Big Ideas in Beginning Reading - University of Oregon

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