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  as adj. or conj. with genitive with dative or accusative
ἀνά each, each one, apiece    
ἐσώτερος adj. inner; (2) prep. with gen. behind, inside (HEB.6:19)  
μέσος (1) adj. middle, in the middle; (2) prep. with gen. in the middle, in the midst  
ἕως (1) conj. until (with any tense); while (with pres. ind. only); (2) prep. with gen. to, until, as far as, to the point of; as many as (of numerals)  
ἄνευ   prep. with gen. without; apart from the knowledge and will of  
ἀντί   prep. with gen. (original mng. opposite) for, in place of, instead of; in behalf of; because of; for, as (1CO.11:15)  
ἄντικρυς   prep. with gen. opposite, off  
ἀντιπέρα   prep. with gen. opposite  
ἀπέναντι   prep. with gen. opposite; before, in full view of; contrary to, against  
ἀπό   prep. with gen. from; away from; by means of; of; because of, as a result of; since, ever since; about, for; with  
ἄτερ   prep. with gen. without, apart from  
διά   with genitive: through, by means of, with; during, throughout; through, among, throughout; with accusative: because of, on account of, for the sake of; through, by (rarely)
εἰς     prep. with acc. into, to; in, at, on, upon, by, near; among; against; concerning
ἐκ   prep. with gen. from, out from, away from; by, by means of, by reason of, because; for; on, at; of  
ἐκτός   with gen. outside; out of; except  
ἔμπροσθεν (2) adv. ahead, forward, in front (1) prep. with gen. before, in front of;  
ἐν in, on, at; near, by, before; among, within; by, with; into; to, for (rarely)    
ἔναντι   prep. with gen. before, in the presence of; in the judgment of  
ἕνεκα because of, for the sake of    
ἐντός   with genitive: within, in the midst of, among  
ἐνώπιον before, in the presence of, in front of; in the judgment of; among    
ἔξω (1) adv. out, outside; away; (2) prep. with gen. out of, outside; (3) outer, physical; foreign
ἔξωθεν (1) adv. from outside, outside; (2) prep. with gen. from outside, outside; (3) outward, external (1PE.3:3)
ἐπάνω (2) adv. over (LUK.11:44); more than (1CO.15:6) (1) prep. with gen. on, upon; over, above; more than;  
ἐπέκεινα   prep. with gen. beyond  
ἐπί   (1) gen. on, upon; over; at, by; before, in the presence of; when, under, at the time of; in the passage about ; prep. with: (2) dat. on, at, in; with, by near; over; because of, on the basis of; to, for; against; in addition to; about, concerning; of, from (rarely); after; (3) acc. on, upon; in; against; over; to, for; around, about, concerning; towards; among (rarely)
ἔσω (1) adv. inside, within; (2) prep. with gen. inside ; inner being, inmost being (of man)  
κατά   (2) gen. against; down, down from; throughout; by (of oaths); over (of authority) (1) prep. with acc.: according to, corresponding to, with reverence to, just as; used distributively with numerals and places; in; for; for the purpose of; at, about, (of time); on, upon, along, through, to, toward; off, opposite, near, bordering on; with, by means of, because of;
κατέναντι (2) adv. opposite (1) prep. with gen. opposite, before; in the sight of  
κατενώπιον   prep. with gen. before, in the presence of  
κυκλόθεν (2) adv. all round, all about (1) prep. with gen. round, about;  
μετά   (1) gen. with, in company with, among; by, in; on the side of; against; (2) prep. with acc.: after, behind
μεταξύ (2) adv. meanwhile; after (1) prep. with gen. between, among;  
ὄπισθεν (1) adv. behind, from behind; on the back, outside; (2) prep. with gen. behind; after (MAT.15:23)  
ὀπίσω (2) adv. back, behind (1) prep. with gen. after (after verbs like "to go or related verbs often follow, be a disciple); behind; away from;  
ὀψέ (1) adv. late in the day, evening; (2) prep. with gen. after  
παρά   prep. with: (1) gen. from, of, by, with; (2) dat. with, in the presence of, before; in the judgment of; near, beside; for; (3) acc. beside, by, at; on, along; to; than, more than, above; rather than; contrary to
παρεκτός   (1) prep. with gen. except, apart from; (2) adv. used as adj. external, unmentioned
πέραν   prep. with gen. beyond, across, to or on the other side  
περί   prep. with: (1) gen. about, concerning, of, with reference to; for; on account of; (2) acc. around, about; near; of, with reference to, regarding; with, in company with
πλησίον near    
πρό before (of time or place)    
πρός   with genitive: for, for the sake of (ACT.27:34) with accusative: in comparison with; with dative: at, on, near;
σύν with, in company with, along with, together with; by, through    
ὑπέρ   prep. with: (1) gen. for, in behalf of, for the sake or; of, about, concerning; (2) acc. over and above, beyond; more than, than
ὑπεράνω   prep. with gen. far above; above, over  
ὑπερεκπερισσοῦ (1) adv. with all earnestness, more than ever; very highly indeed; (2) prep. with gen. far beyond, so much more than  
ὑπό   prep. with: (1) gen. by, by means of; at the hands of; (2) acc. under, below; under the authority of
χάριν for the sake of, because of, by reason of    
χωρίς (2) adv. separately, by itself (1) prep. with gen. without, apart from, without relation to (occurs postpositive in; besides, in addition to;